Once upon a time..

In a land far away called Downtown a group of friends traveled the long weary roads to Scudder, to do what you might ask, we went to beat a bitch.

Okay okay so this little cunt ran around running her mouth about my cousin on Facebook. Like first off say it to her face not in a status so, when you say it she can slap the ever loving shit out of you. Anyway I see this argument start up and she’s being a bitch, I call her out and obviously she attacks me. She’s not a very good fighter physically and emotionally so, pretty much everything she would say I shut down with ease. I make a comment on how she would copy my best friend V. Ross in elementary and she bugged, next thing I saw was this big ass paragraph she mainly just called me a bitch the entire thing up till the last sentence. The last sentence said “So shut the fuck up you anorexic bitch.” Oh? Did you just? Oh. Like thanks I know I’m small I know I’m skinny but, bitch you aren’t that big either. After that sentence Emily aka dumb ass who fell on Memorial Day gets in to the fight and finally shuts her down. It was over for us she didn’t make another comment so, it was done.


So neighbor bud Lisa and one of my buddies comes to my house summer going into 8th grade, knock knock mother fucker, it’s like 9am I’m in sweats eating cereal. I open the door and they look inside see my parents they are like you should step outside, uhm kay… They ask me if I want to come to a fight hell yeah I did but, who’s fighting? It’s Lisa and Copy cat, apparently she and Lisa were having issues and they were going to fight this shit out. There’s like 10 of us on our great journey to Scudder, on this journey friend says, ” Anyone want the rest of this ice cream?” I literally screamed yes. Mind you it’s at least 98 degrees out so, this left over ice cream is a nice chocolate puddle, at the time I didn’t know why I wanted it all I knew was I needed it. Getting down there it was her and captain fatty just standing there and Copy cat says to us when we get there, ” Oh boy I’ve got a surprise” Oh? Do you now bitch? We all stood there for a good twenty minutes and nothing was going on, now if you don’t know fight code I’ll tell you, in a fight if you bring friends it’s not their fight they don’t throw punches unless you are dying on the ground they are there for moral support. Nope not me I had to get some anger out so, she’s got a white shirt on and I’m looking down at this chocolate cup of ice cream and then I just threw it at her. It got in her hair on her PURE WHITE SHIRT and I almost peed myself. She looks at me with fire in her eyes and says, ” That’s it.” she storms off behind a tree and comes back with a cup, at this town Emily thinks I’m going to get punched and cause she loves me oh so much she stepped in front of me and gets a cup full of seaweed and salt water.
Lisa was standing next me and out of know where I see her grab the Copy cats nasty pony tail and rips her to the ground and they start going at it. The fight passes and Copy & Fatty storm off down the road we all laugh for like 10 minutes and then started leaving we get downtown and I see her down a street and started belting WEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONSSS MY FRIENDSSS and she fucking dipped outta there so fast. To this day it has been my best day ever.



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